Region: Bluecrown Keep

The Kingdom of Puppets Anonymous

Ethics Committee of the SCPF wrote:The RMB has degraded

It has? Really?
*looks at it*
Yes. Most definitely.

Nooooooooooooooo wrote:pp haha funi


Sorianora wrote:Hes abusing power >:PPPPPPPPPP

Shush. You're abusing your mouth.

Sorianora wrote:Dominioan take Barleees RO >:DDDDDDDD

Nah just turn him into bread

Barlyy wrote:That is not an answer.

Yes it is. It means he likes the up portion of the flag. But I'm not sure if he's viewing it from the right angle.

Yes Humans Are Recyclable wrote:I have posted

You have only posted if I start putting people in the compost.

Barlyy wrote:Lies

You sure? Why don't we just start composting people instead?