Region: The Fallout Wasteland

The Republic of Texas of Praal

Vault 257 Presidential Office.
Elm Mountain, Killeen, TX.

As an aide drones on about the state of Fort Hood, President Archer Graves peruses the handful of exploration reports sent in from the three man scout teams that had set out a week prior. "Mr. President, as it stands the old fort is in a state of ruin. The Darnall Medical Center is one of the last buildings left standing in the southern sector, as the southern motor pool seems to have been hit by multiple long range missiles - none of them nuclear, thankfully. The Seven Seventeen motor pool looks to be intact, though a majority of the vehicles left have rusted to nothingness or are otherwise inoperable due to exposure to the elements. Representative Stefek believes..."

Blocking out the aide, Graves focuses more on the reports - they offer no conjecture nor mindless suppositions so common in the aides sent from the various Representatives of the Vault.

Alpha Team Report: Harker Heights
Team deployed with orders to investigate town of Harker Heights one week prior to this report. Gathered intelligence suggests existence of other survivors in the vicinity of Killeen, as three bodies were discovered outside Eastern Hills Middle School - some tattered bits of flesh remained upon the bones. Had there been no flesh, these corpses would have been assumed to be victims of the Great War. Cursory investigation of surrounding HEB, Target, and Walmart reveals small amounts of canned goods and preserved foods in the storerooms, with little to none on the shelves. Hunting and fishing supplies are available in moderate quantities in Harker Walmart - team suggests recovering the gear as soon as possible in order to bolster food stocks from the Vault.

"...Mr. President? Are you listening?"

Graves looks up with a weary smile, although the cold look in his eyes betrays his irritation at the aide. "Of course, son. You had mentioned Representative Stefek?" The aide smiles, oblivious to the look in Graves' eyes. "Yes, sir! Mr. Stefek wishes to move his people out of the Vault and into the First Army Division West HQ, to let them experience more freedom."

"He may do so, but I would recommend they stick closer to the Vault. Alpha Team's exploratory report came back today and they don't think we're alone in the city; and I will not lose any of our people if I can help it. Have them move into the complex around East Range and North Nolan; far enough to give them a bit more freedom from the Vault, but close enough that our soldiers can provide support if need be. Now if you'll excuse me, son, I have a meeting with Representative Bell from Hydroponics. This Vault - the Republic - can't make food appear from thin air, after all."