Region: The Fallout Wasteland

The New Vegas Independent Zone of New Decandsor

New Decandsor wrote:

Chapter 3: Operation Hearth

Following the Battle at Cottonwood Cove, the Courier heads back through the gates of New Vegas with his remaining two-hundred and seventy Securitrons. He didn’t pay any attention to the residents who gawked and watched the Courier. He didn’t pay any attention as he walks through the doors of the Lucky 38 and heads to his Suite. Arriving inside he storms into his room and begins packing his belongings. ED-E hovers nearby and curiously beeps, but the Courier ignores him.

A few minutes later, Arcade Gannon walks into the Suite. “What happened?” The Courier doesn’t respond, still packing his things. “I have reports from people about bodies floating in the Colorado. Tell me-“ The Courier turns and stares down Arcade before grabbing his bags and exiting the Suite. Arcade rushes after him and stops him in the hallway, “Just tell me what happened.” The Courier sighs before turning to face Arcade, “I lost control, it was a switch, I couldn’t stop it. . .” Arcade shakes his head, “You’ve always been able to control it.” The Courier looks away, “I used to. But not after Big Mountain. . .not after-“ The Courier points to the surgical scars where his brain had been removed and then placed back, “Not after that. It’s why I always leave, why I never stay. . .I shouldn’t have come back. . .Arcade, I’m leaving, and I’m not coming back, so-“ Arcade walks and places his hand on the Courier’s shoulder, “Listen, we need you here. People aren’t happy about the Securitrons we have across the Mojave, there are new gangs popping up in the New Sector, we need you now more than ever.” The Courier turns his back to Arcade, “You don’t. I placed you and everyone else on the Council for a reason. You never needed me.” The Courier begins to walk away, but Arcade calls out, “Jeremiah!” The Courier stops in his track and turns his head, “Goodbye Arcade.” Arcade closes his eyes as the Courier walks into the elevator and leaves the Lucky 38. ED-E, hovering nearby, gives a lingering mournful beep. Arcade sighs, “Follow him, make sure he stays safe ED-E.” The little eyebot cheers up and beeps happily before going after the Courier.

Arcade turns over and notices the large portrait of Mr. House in the hallway. He could almost here the former ruler of New Vegas laughing through the painting. Arcade remembers the old mantra of House, ‘The House Always Win.’ With everything happening, a part of Arcade can’t help but feel like this is all House’s revenge. He never liked House, but over the years Arcade gained more of an understanding of the man, Robert House. A man that spent his life pushing technology and humanity, a man that spent so much for the city of Vegas, only to be betrayed and to lose everything he had ever built and worked on in the end. Arcade turns and leaves the Suite, his fate, the fate of Vegas, and the fate of the entire Mojave now heading into an uncertain future.

Mayat Part I: Deal, No Deal

Mayat finds no comfort in this alleyway. It's dark and dusty and graffiti covers rhe walls of the buildings, marking territories of different gangs over the years. Mayat just wants to get this deal over with and go back home. The clients were already late. . .nearly half an hour late. She's beginning to suspect she has been duped. But she might as well wait just a little longer. She has traveled all the way from her village, Unas, to Freeside. No point in heading back without seeing this out. As the Sun sinks below the buildings and the lights of Freeside begin to come alive, a group of three arrive in the alley. The trio were dressed in unsuspicious suits and looked more upkept that usual residents in Freeside. One from the trio, a man with a noticeable panhandle mustache, speaks up, "You have what we wanted?" Mayat nods, she reaches into her bag and brings out three packages, filled with various chems. "Yeah," She says, offering the bag, "Everything's in there." The man takes a quick glance at the packages before handing them off his to accomplices. "What about my caps?" Mayat asks. The man coldly smiles, "Unfortunately, the boss man doesn't want loose ends." The man pulls out a pocket knife and attempts to stab Mayat, but she had been prepared. She manages to grab the man's arm and hold him back. The two struggle until the man forces Mayat to the ground as the other two watch. Mayat struggles to keep the man off of her, he was much stronger than her. Suddenly, there are more voices in the alley. The two turn and quickly fall to the ground as gunshots ring out. The man, now distracted, looks back in shock. Mayat quickly reaches into her pocket and grabs her switchblade and drives it into the man's neck. The man gasps and grabs his neck, dropping his knife. He falls to the ground, bleeding out.

Looming above her, Mayat notices two men dressed in greaser jackets, their hair slicked back. One of them offers a hand to Mayat, and she gladly takes it. He helps her up to her feet, and then Mayat places her switchblade against his neck, "And who the hell are you?" The other man with him aims his 10mm pistol at Mayat, but the other greaser calmly responds, "We're the Kings lady. Thought you'd be more grateful to the people who just saved your skin." Mayat glances over at the Kings member with the pistol aimed at her, "I had everything-" She was interrupted by the other Kings member, "No you didn't. Lady. . .what were you doing down here? This alleyway isn't a good place for anyone to be so late." Mayat doesn't respond as the Kings notice the bags of chems on the ground next to the corpses of the asshole trio. "A drug deal?" One of the Kings asks, but Mayat again doesn't respond. While she is distracted, the Kings member grabs her switchblade from her hand and forces her to the ground. They aim their weapons at Mayat, "A drug deal in our neighborhood is a no no miss. You're going to have to see the big man."