Region: The Fallout Wasteland

The UPD of Gravelton

Official Construction Edict by the Presidium, the Functionariat and the Secretariat in Regards to the Prefecture of McClellanville

In a new edict issued by the Industrial Bureau of the Secretariat of the United Prefectural Directorate on behalf of the Director and enacted by the Presidium, it has ordered that the following Prefecture is to construct a foundry in order to facilitate the swift and efficient supplying of the United Prefectural Directorate's nascent industrial base. It is the hope of the Presidium that this foundry will serve as the foundation of South Carolina's industrial heartland and will supply its factories with valuable metals with which to produce the many kinds of equipment needed for the Commissariat and its Protectors.

[Constructing: Medium Foundry, Completed 3/19/21]
[Resources Expended: 6 Concrete/8 Steel]