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Title: Prohibition of Honor Killings
Author: Greater Cesnica
Purpose: To ban any practice of killing an individual for violating an honor code, and ensure such get treated equally to "normal" cases of killing in criminal proceedings.

Greater Cesnica wrote:The General Assembly,

Believing that honor killings are especially heinous acts that represent a fundamental betrayal of the trust afforded by a person to their relatives and members of their community,

Appalled that such atrocities occur in this current day and age, often with the tacit or explicit support of local authorities,

Seeking to put an end to this vile practice,


  1. Defines an "honor killing" as the killing of an individual by or at the direction of a relative or any other member of a community due to the perception that the individual has brought shame or dishonor upon their family or community, or has otherwise violated an honor code.

  2. Prohibits:

    1. honor killings from being carried out in any member state and;

    2. the belief that the victim of a killing brought shame or dishonor upon their family or community, or otherwise violated an honor code, from being permitted as a part of:

      1. any defense in criminal proceedings questioning whether such a killing was a criminal offense or;

      2. any argument to reduce the severity of criminal penalties potentially applicable to the perpetrator(s) of such a killing.

  3. Requires member states to prosecute alleged honor killings with at least the same severity as they prosecute other forms of alleged unlawful killings.

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