Region: Refugia

The Township of Junitaki-cho

For tonight, brief thoughts on Commend Roavin:

- This is probably the poorest writing I've seen in an SC proposal that's made it to vote. It's nothing but lists, with no real order or thematic structure, no context, and no real sense for why the things they did are important. Much of the substance here is nigh on impossible to digest without significant backstory information. The lack of storytelling or sequencing made this a chore to read all the way through, and it weakens their arguments. In a laundry list of ways Roavin contributed to The South Pacific, they include writing a commendation of another TSP user for their contributions. That doesn't track to me.

- The "Applauding" clause lists a number of other users, but these are nicknames rather than actual nation names, and no effort is made to clarify who these people are. This should be illegal in the SC, but for now it's only illegal in our hearts.

- The "Extolling" clause uses the word "them" in a way that comes very close to violating the personal pronouns rule, in my opinion. I doubt it's actually a rules violation, but it's very shoddy editing that it made it in.

I can't really walk away from this understanding whether Roavin deserves a commendation or not. Certainly if he does, this is a lousy way to go about it, and I'm not inclined to support this piece of writing.