Region: Conch Kingdom

The Confederacy of Hamptoria

New York City

July 4, 1947

A day that would usually have the sound of cheers and Fireworks, Instead The Streets are filled with the sound of gunfire and Explosions. The German Forces Have Surrounded the City and are starting to Move in, they are clearing Building by Building, Room by Room of the Defending Americans who are fighting tooth and nail for their homes.

A lone Soldier by the name of Murphy Robbins Is the last of his Company as the rest where caught in an ambush and killed. He looks out past the Broken Car that he is taking cover from, down the New York Street. It is a hellscape of Fire, Debris, Corpses, and Craters. A Gunshot is heard and a bullet whizzes by Murphy's head. He Ducks back behind cover.

He never wanted to be here, he never wanted to be near the fighting. Murphy's Dream was to play the Electric Guitar, a Musical Machine invented the decade before. During high school, he would take Lessons and Learn how to play a few songs. Then he Graduated in 1944, and before he had the chance of continuing his dream, the War called. He will never forget the day his Draft notice Came in the mail. He Remembers waking up in a good mood, he got dressed in his favorite suit, and went downstairs for breakfast. When he entered the Kitchen, he found his mother crying while his father comforted her. When Murphy asked what was wrong, his father simply pointed at the Kitchen table. on it was a piece of paper with the date stamped in the Corner and the words:


Next thing he Knew he was being shipped out to England.

As he snaps back into reality, he realizes that the Germans were upon him. In a panic, he Runs into a nearby apartment building. That was a mistake. Next thing he knew there was a Hail of Bullets headed his way, Luckily for him, they all miss, but he is being chased by the Nazis. As he bolts into the building, he climbs up the stairs. About halfway up the Third flight, he hears German being yelled at him. He looks down to see two Nazi soldiers coming up the First flight. He fires Two Shots out of his Garand Rifle at the Enemies below, he doesn't see if they hit because he has bolted away with gunshots behind him. he Runs down a hallway and turns and fires as many shots as he can to the Oncoming Germans, he is able to see two of them Drop to the floor. He keeps Firing until *click*

He Instantly realizes hes in trouble. He runs into a Apartment and closes the door behind him. He knocks over a dresser next to the door to Barricade it and hopefully prevent the Nazis from getting in. He Checks his Rifle. "Just as I expected, out of ammo" he says to himself. the Door gets slammed Against. The Soldiers are trying to get through. He checks his ammo bag "no no no no" he says in a panic "God Dammit" He has no more cartridges. Murphy looks around the Room. there is One broken Window, he runs over to it, looks outside. He's on the Seventh floor, and the Fire escape has been broken off. He's Trapped.

He looks at the Door, they are still trying to open it. It's not budging at the moment. Murphy Looks around the room again. On the wall is Old Glory, and in the Corner is an Electric Guitar.

Murphy stairs at it for a second. He walks over to the guitar and connects it to the radio system. Somehow, the Building still has electricity in it. He Picks up the Guitar and all the memories from his life starts to gush into his thoughts. He begins to play his final song - The Star Spangled Banner.

The Sound of the Guitar seems to drown out all other noise, all of the shots, all of the Explosions, and the Slamming on the door. He plays it with pride, sorrow, and Patriotism. He closes his eyes and finishes the song

Right as it ended, the door broke open and The Germans Got Through.

One Shot was fired and all fell silent.

Old Glory, with its Forty-Eight Stars and Thirteen Stripes, Has Gained some final Patriot Red.