Region: The Alliance of Dictators

The Dictatorship of Westbeech

Vespergale wrote:Escoro took the case, examining it briefly before passing it to the officer of his left, "Thank you." The summoning of all of his officers seemed unnecessary to him, but he didn't want to disrespect a Westbeechian general with a refusal. Even though they weren't planning to be in the area very long. Just enough time to set up preparations for the divisions that would be deployed to the area from the army. He turned his head to his side, "Captain, have all the other officers assemble here." The captain nodded and moved back to the jeep, accessing the built-in radio and contacting all the trucks down the line. One by one some men and women left their vehicles, a mass of a few dozen officers approaching. Loosely forming up behind Escoro.

The guards and regulars quickly broke ranks and started moving through the Vespergalians, directing different officers and NCOs to come with them. Westbeechian NCOs would gather Vespergalian NCOs and the officers would gather officers. The NCOs went towards the outskirts of town while the officers headed deeper into the city.

Erwie, upon watching the groups disperse, told Escoro, "Now please have the rest of your men be directed into the outskirts. This is not the best town to be set up in and I'm aware you won't be here for long, so we have an area where some of our units and your's will be kept together. Maybe the men can learn to fraternize and we can avoid major issues with integration." Another tank moved into an alleyway opening a path moving to the outskirts of the city. "I can assure you, your vehicles will be well taken care of wherever they are put. Every single one you have brought will be in the exact condition they were entering the town."