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The Republic of Pervincia

United states of gondor wrote:Hey, Conch Kingdom, I only need two more people to sign up for the Cross-Regional Roleplay between The Cape and Conch Kingdom. Please sign up!

Conch-Cape RolePlay

by United states of gondor

Hello Capers and CKers, I'm here to tell you a fantastic opportunity to participate in a cross-regional Role Play between The Cape of Good Hope and Conch Kingdom. This dispatch is a basic guide and will help answer basic questions about what will (or won't) be happening in this Role Play, as well as lay down some basic rules that will promote fairness and keep the Role Play real(ish), but not preventing fun and imagination.

What is it?
This Role Play will be different than others that some of us may have be apart of (I know for people in The Cape it'll be different) rather in just going in and figuring out the story as we go; the story will be set with only two or three possible end outcomes. The choices that are made in the Role Play will determine which ending is reached.

The main backdrop of the Roleplay is a disease is running rampant through both The Cape and CK, killing millions and no cure in sight. The choices each person makes to combat this disease will directly influence the end outcome. There will be political turmoil, scientific breakthroughs, horrible symptoms, mutations, and potentially a world completely devoid of people (if the wrong ending is reached). Rather than being competitive and trying to outdo one another in finding the cure first, we're going to be cooperative and try to find it together.

This will be most unfamiliar to The Capers, but here are some basic rules that this Role Play will follow:

1- The tech levels will be limited to current technology, so no spaceships or hyper advanced medical technology (glances at the Cape, as Conch Kingdom is confused)

2- The characters will be realistic (so no super-powers, or apparent super humans that seem to survive anything thrown at them.)

3- No immediately 'accidentally' or 'spontaneously' finding the cure (as this is not fun)

4- Once the Role Play starts, no one else can join.

5- While I can almost guarantee many of us aren't medical majors, try to keep the science mostly in line with irl medical science. Just to add a sense of realism

6- You must be not banned from either CK or CGH to participate

7- The moderators will be Me, United states of gondor and Cle Brait

I hope that about 5 or 6 people from both the Cape and Conch Kingdom will want to participate. For a total of about 10-12 people. If more people join that is ok, and perfectly fine. I'm planning on the official start of the Role Play being in early March. (Exact date TBD)

What Disease Is It?
An interesting question was raised about what type of disease the RPers would be dealing with, I'm thinking a neurological disease. A neurological disease is a disease that attacks the nervous system, which is very bad: some irl neurological diseases and disorders include: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig's Disease, Encephalitis, Myasthenia Gravis, and many more (also, feel free to look these up, they are really cool and disturbing) this will give everyone a good idea of what we will be dealing with. I may also craft a part of the disease that will affect the immune system, I'm just unsure as of right now.

Cape of Good Hope Participants
United states of gondor
The Olivavan Union
North South North West Kansas

Conch Kingdom Participants
Suryadweep Islands
Socialist Platypus
Cle Brait

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Where's it gonna happen? I asked this a while ago and was told it wasn't decided.