Region: International Democratic Union

The Democratic Republic of Jakaland

My Political Parties

Freedom Party
Leader - Christopher Ross
Political Ideology - Social Liberalism
Popularity - 57%
Policies yet to inact - Protect LGBT rights via the Constitution, Make Healthcare free for all, impose environmental regulations, deregulation of power to local authorities.
Created March 3rd 2004

Workers Party
Leader - Luke Smith
Political Ideology - Democratic Socialism
Popularity - 23%
Policies - Democratise the workplace, deregulation of power to local authorities, increase minimum wage, enforce environmental regulations, turn to green energy.
Created February 7th 2010

Conservative Party of Jakaland
Leader - Cameron Goodgrove
Political Ideology - Conservativism (American style)
Popularity - 12%
Policies - end subsidies to the car industry and information industry to lower taxes, promote traditionalist values in public schools, fund more into law and order.
Created July 18th 1994

Green Party of Jakaland
Leader - Loona Dickingson
Political Ideology - Green Capitalism
Popularity - 4%
Policies - redirect funds from welfare and defense to heavily subsidise Green energy alternatives to make it cheaper on the market.
Created January 29th 2021

Chauvinist Legion of Jakaland
Leader - Geoff Sheild
Political Ideology - Ultra Nationalism
Popularity - 3%
Policies - Close boarders to all immigration, impose an Autarky Economy, enforce compulsory military service for men between 18-30 for a max of 4 years, build a nuclear arsenal, deport all non citizens, criminalise drugs.
Created August 12th 1956

Anarchists Revolutionary Party
Leader - Emilia Ryot
Political Ideology - Anarcho-Syndicalism
Popularity - 1%
Policies - Abolish Capitalism, abolish Money, abolish the state, abolish social class, democratise the workplace, replace the government with a "People's Council"
Created October 3rd 1922

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