Region: Forest

The Most Serene Eco-Republic of Middle Barael

Cat-Herders United wrote:I finally have a map of Cat-Herders United:

Although we are known for our tame cats, each of our regions is known for some variety of small cat, great cat, or feliform.

The coastal wetlands - home of the Linkjungle cat

Natural resources: fish, shrimp, natural gas
  • Felis City (pop. 6.9 million) - former center of fossil fuel industry in less enlightened times, university, rodeo, airport, space program, performing arts (ballet, opera, symphony), museums (Natural History, Fine Arts, Contemporary Arts), medical district

  • Puerto Hierba Gatera (pop 0.7 million) - port servicing Felis City, beaches, shrimp fishing

Did you know? Felis City used to be known as Felix City when it was the center of an empire in the 14th-15th century AD, and was historically the largest city in Cat-Herders United, only recently being surpassed by Santa Gertrudis!

The western mountains Sierra De Los Gatos - home of the Linkmountain cat

Natural resources: gold, grazing land
  • Santa Gertrudis (pop. 8.9 million) - the nation’s largest port, university, rodeo, Feline Catolic mission, ranch museum, zoo

Did you know? Santa Gertrudis is now the largest city in Cat-Herders United, and is named after St. Gertrude of Nivelles, the patron saint of cats!

The hill country - home of the Linkblack-footed cat

Natural resources: arable land, irrigable land, grazing land, potential for wind power
  • Gathbryn (pop. 2.2 million) - vibrant festival and drug scene, IT sector

  • Kätzchenburg (pop. 0.1 million) - farming (grapes and peaches), wine country

  • Scratchin’ Post (pop. 0.1 million) - former mining town infamous for its turbulent and lawless past

The desert - home of the Linksand cat

Natural resources: copper, potential for solar power
  • Sphinx (pop. 4.8 million) - copper mining, irrigation (cotton and citrus), cattle herding, electronics industry, university

  • Catson City (pop 0.5 million) - gambling sector, cultivation of peppers

Did you know? Catson City was named after the famed law-man Kit Catson!

The plains - home of the Linkfeliforms

Natural resources: arable land
  • El Pueblo Unido (pop. 0.8 million) - capital city

  • Bubastisville (pop. 2.8 million) - barbeque, corn cultivation, music industry

  • Freyaburg (pop. 1.3 million) - wheat cultivation, beer, cattle, rodeo

  • Nepeta (pop. 9.5 million) - farming (beans, soy, sugar beet, and barley)

  • Pounce City (pop. 0.1 million)

  • Nyan (pop. 0.1 million)

The woodlands - home of the Linkwild cat

Natural resources: lumber, arable land
  • Wegiewald (pop. 3.9 million) - cow dairy sector, flower cultivation, orchards (apple, cherries, cranberries), theater, historic fish market

Did you know? Wegiewald is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Cat-Herders United, founded by Vikings in c. 1000 AD!

The eastern mountains - Cordillera De La Pantera - home of the Linkgreat cat

Natural resources: silver, iron, grazing land, skiing slopes
  • Ft. Felis (pop. 2.9 million) - arms manufacturing, skiing, finance, sheep herding

  • Ft. Freya (pop. 0.1 million) - mining (silver, iron), goat herding

Did you know? Ft. Felis is the financial center of Cat-Herders United, sometimes being called the 'Wallstreet of Cat-Herders United'!

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Very nice! You know you gave me the idea for Middle Barael to be formed by many different cultures accidentally winding up here over the millennia! I’ve always greatly looked up to your nation, and this map is really nice. What tool did you use to make it? And are you on the Forest map?