Region: The Alliance of Dictators

The Queendom of Vespergale

Westbeech wrote:Erwie dropped her salute then jumped off the vehicle. She walked right up to Escoro and smirked. "Erwie Romen. General staff of Westbeech. In charge of general provisions and the Armored Corps. I'm sorry for holding you all up, but I wanted to welcome you to your new position in Westbeech. We are certain that your time here will be short and hospitable." She looked at the sergeant in her command vehicle, who quickly got out and approached the two holding a case. When the sergeant arrived, Erwie gripped the case, patted the sergeant on the shoulder, and turned back to the Vespergalian officer. "In here is more vital information. Units in the area, where your men will be stationed in the town, and information on the unit that will be staying here with your's."

The command vehicle drove away and one of the tanks opened up a road. From there came a squad of guard infantry along with two squads of regulars. They quickly gathered into three ranks behind Erwie and saluted. "Would you please bring any other officers or NCOs commanding units here. I think it's important that they speak with each other to best improve the situation. Who knows, they might be able to share something vital to you, your unit, or the entire front."

Escoro took the case, examining it briefly before passing it to the officer of his left, "Thank you." The summoning of all of his officers seemed unnecessary to him, but he didn't want to disrespect a Westbeechian general with a refusal. Even though they weren't planning to be in the area very long. Just enough time to set up preparations for the divisions that would be deployed to the area from the army. He turned his head to his side, "Captain, have all the other officers assemble here." The captain nodded and moved back to the jeep, accessing the built-in radio and contacting all the trucks down the line. One by one some men and women left their vehicles, a mass of a few dozen officers approaching. Loosely forming up behind Escoro.