Region: The Alliance of Dictators

The Equestrianic Imperium of Twilight Sparkle

Sanctuary Point wrote:The ground breaking set off an alarm in the closest guardhouse. While it was known that the Diamond Dogs here were not quite the savage and opportunistic raiders they were back in their own reality, the Diarchal ponies kept a watchful eye on the canines and that included seismic monitors around the edges of patrol routes to catch possible underground incursions. With the sensor tripped, the local detachment of the Guard sent out two squads to investigate the disturbance and like with any other potential threat, they were loaded for bear. An armoured carrier rolled towards the group of storage building, the ponies within wearing ceramic plate vests and armed with a mix of lasrifles and shotguns.

With their keen ears, the Diamond Dogs inside the storage building heard the approach of the Diarchal forces before a sentry posted at the door saw them. These were professional mercenaries however: instead of panicking, the Diamond Dogs inside kept assembling the device while more armed mercenaries began to pour up from the hole, which was quickly expanded to allow them to bring in heavier equipment. In the moments they had before the arrival of their enemies, they fortified the entrance and surrounded the building, setting up portable bullet proof shields around it. Most of the mercenaries were armed with assault rifles or shotguns, but a few carried light anti-tank weapons. A heavy machine gun was set up behind the barricaded entrance. A few Diamond Dogs climbed to the roof of the building and began assembling a light AA gun.

Since it was clear that their stealthy operations had failed, the leader of the mercenaries called in for heavier backup he had been holding back until now. More seismic monitors went off as something big started to approach from the Northeast, tunneling through the ground...


"What was that?" Pearlescent asked when she heard the first sounds of gunfire and explosions. This sounded different from the earlier artillery fire. Shield immediately stepped between the noblemare and the sounds of fighting, ready to defend his charge.

Sanctuary Point wrote:“Elysian, yes. It is the language of the Pegasopolis sector and its worlds. It developed, like so many others, during the Great Dark Age when the nascent United Equine Alliance was shattered by a great warp storm.” Alula lead them inside, skirting around an intricate diorama of two great armies of Pegasi in what looked a lot like Cloudsdale to Rainbow and the Equestrians. “What I am using to speak to you is referred to as Common, this language was crafted by the Divine Sisters Themselves to be easily learned by any equine of the Diaspora.” Alula explained as they walked further in, passing two saluting guards to fly up a shaft leading to catwalks that gave them a view over a number of classes.

"The interdimensional rules sure are... weird," Rainbow said. She attempted to scratch her head but was prevented from doing so by her helmet. She let out a small annoyed grunt and continued, "We call our language... your Common... 'Equestrian', but when the dimensional barrier that had separated us from the rest of the world disappeared after the Demon Invasion, we found out that it is spoken in many Human nations as well. However, they call it 'English'. It's supposedly a naturally develpoed language. I think Twi... Her Immortal Ladyship has some theories about how all this is possible, but she has never made them public. Ahem."

The General and her entourage landed on a catwalk and observed the ongoing classes below without saying anything.