Region: Altay

The Neo-Liberal Monarchy of Cieszynski Slask

Calisto states wrote:No, a rock skin giant but can fit into human buildings

Ah, so ok.

Calisto states wrote:Meanwhile on Mars:
*Diego goes and gets a rover and finds a Alien ship*
Diego: Kowalski!!!!! I foumd something alien

Kowalski: huh, i had a message we have aliens at laguna mound, but this doesnt look like their ship
NON-RP: Can THESE be endermen pls?
*kowalski pulls out an sonic wave gun*
Kowalski: If they attack us, we can push them back with this.

Calisto states wrote:Meanwhile on Laguna Mound:
King: I came from what we called, Kepler 1A, the planet that you guys called it.
Doc: Hmm I wished we had warp drive but that person is not here.
President: I can get the Eisman Project started
Doc: Well how can it do. And yes, we need a UN meeting
President: Damn

On Laguna Mound=
King Peter: We need it immideatly.
*a message from kowalski and diego appears*
"We found a alien ship, gonna explore it and try to get in friendly contact with the inside aliens, im bringing my sonic gun in with me for the worst scenario"
King Ambas.: That is a ship of Númánarans, our trade partners from Calci-Pha, (Kepler 62e)
Doc: You know more aliens?
King Ambas.: A LOT more