Region: The Alliance of Dictators

The Almighty Allirian Kingdom of Allistair Union

The Wise words of an Old Allirian King

The Arrival of the Allirian Union

An imperial ambition everlasting...

"This world wakes gloriously amid a triumphant creation. The mystery of everlasting life flourishes, and in turn, the continents carry divided peoples, unbound and free... Nature takes a course of rogue and silent direction. The vigor of Terra, Luna, and Sol draw the peoples unbound into an age of great darkness. As shadows run deep into the hills and valleys, a light flickers not only with pride, but with strength and wisdom, and amongst the cries of the dark ages of the towering Alliance of Dictators, the light brings forth a new order. Then all who gaze upon the glowing crimson crown and star feel a cold wind...With a scent of fire...With the scent of iron, blood, and bone. To be embraced and to be cleansed with a unity that the world will tremble far beneath as the union emits a cry..of beauty, strength, authority, wisdom...And before the crimson banner is raised to purge the dark age, before the bells chime, before the pounding of the drums, and the cry of Karullans warriors,
natures course shatters, and her voice trembles beneath the ice of the iron south...
Alliria...Alleistiarahs Union...the sun shifts and the moon shines. The Crimson Age has arrived to the Alliance of Dictators..."

- King Eiostel I. Almighty Emperor of the Allirian Empire. King of Allistair Union.