Region: Altay

The Democratic State of Calisto states

Cieszynski Slask wrote:NON RP: How does the Ambassador king look like?
I have him like an enderman with an crown (from Cobalt and Silver) and a snow-white gown.

No, a rock skin giant but can fit into human buildings

Cieszynski Slask wrote:King Peter: Yes,.....
*Sits back up*
*King Peter looks at Lt Jake*
*Takes a deep exhale*
King Peter: Not him again,
anyways, where are you from Ambassador King?
Meanwhile on Mars:
Kowalski: Ehhhhhhhhhhh, I'd rather build it down there, it's protected from sandstorms, and a perfect place for the greenhouse.
But you can setup it here, *points on the hillside*, I'm gonna setup the greenhouse down there.
*He puts the uninflated greenhouses down, goes for a bulldozer rover, puts some regolith on them and starts inflating them.*

Meanwhile on Mars:
*Diego goes and gets a rover and finds a Alien ship*
Diego: Kowalski!!!!! I foumd something alien
Meanwhile on Laguna Mound:
King: I came from what we called, Kepler 1A, the planet that you guys called it.
Doc: Hmm I wished we had warp drive but that person is not here.
President: I can get the Eisman Project started
Doc: Well how can it do. And yes, we need a UN meeting
President: Damn