Region: Altay

The Neo-Liberal Monarchy of Cieszynski Slask

Calisto states wrote:Doc Braun: Well for some reason I see that now
President: Damn, no little green men
Commander Drake: Hello King Peter. So everyone is here(not really)
*Doc Braun drinks tea*
President: Huh, we need a United Nations meeting

King Peter: Yes,.....
*Sits back up*

Calisto states wrote:Lt Jake: Hi there people
*Gold in his hand*
Lt Jake: Can I have this?
Doc: If there is more of that Gold
Ambassador King: Im really not from Mars. Mars is just a stop before here.

*King Peter looks at Lt Jake*
*Takes a deep exhale*
King Peter: Not him again,
anyways, where are you from Ambassador King?

Calisto states wrote:

Meanwhile on Mars:
Commander Diego: Nice place to make a International base huh?
*Kowalski looks at Diego*

Meanwhile on Mars:
Kowalski: Ehhhhhhhhhhh, I'd rather build it down there, it's protected from sandstorms, and a perfect place for the greenhouse.
But you can setup it here, *points on the hillside*, I'm gonna setup the greenhouse down there.
*He puts the uninflated greenhouses down, goes for a bulldozer rover, puts some regolith on them and starts inflating them.*