Region: Africa


The Malagasy settlement of Kalderash

I am the 34th in this region ,but I have a bonus of 250k volounteers over my regular army since the era of Maoan liberation




Location: North africa, Oriental africa, South africa

Manpower:450000~465000 personell

Ideology: Antislavery, Militarism, Antifascism, socialdemoracy

Allies: Berber troops, Black Panthers Organization , UK, Republican Army of Somaililand

Enemies: White supremacists, Apartheid's Governaments, Nazifascist movements

Official Language:Swahili

Demonym: SHI. WA. MA.



The formation of the organization takes place after an agreement behind closed doors, between Sagallou and kalderash, where it was decided to purchase 250000 slaves each from Maoa with the aim of freeing them, at which point a total of half a million former slaves now free citizens decided to found the anti-government liberation army of maoa.
After the abolishment of the slavery the army were turned in "revolutionary organization", it's a terrorist organization who operates around africa and middle-east supported by foreign funding and structured in cells


Maoa wrote:I sell slaves. Anyone want any?

We can accommodate you. We have adults ranging from 16 years of age to 41, although most of the older slaves are close to termination; their bodies are now useless. They are the cheapest, although be warned, they do not contribute much to productivity.

Children are are a premium, with newborns especially so. Family sets cost extra.

For labor, you will be wanting men, yes? We are currently experiencing a shortage of men, however new shipments are expected to arrive shortly. We do apologize for this minor inconvenience. However, in the mean time, may we offer you a free selection of the opposite gender? They are well suited for light gardening and indoor work, and many buyers often enjoy their enslaved companionship.

We do value your business. Is there any other way that we may be of service to you?

Kalderash wrote:I will pay 2.25 billions of dinars for your 25% of total of your national slaves, how many people are?

Sagallou wrote:3 billions of rubles for an other 25% to Sagallou

Maoa wrote:The Maoan Leadership is shocked at the unexpected meteoric increase in demand!

In order to meet demand, the Maoan Government has pressed even MORE humans into Slavery!

OOC: Nice going guys!

All offered prices have been deemed sufficient. Orders will be fulfilled shortly.

Please note, many of our products may expire during the transitioning process. The Maoan Government DOES NOT reimburse for "lost" cargo.

We shall brand the foreheads of each slave bought by each nation with that nation's national emblem, to ensure that any slaves who manage to survive and escape during the transition period are quickly recovered

By any means necessary... *devious smile*

OOC: You guys are great! Fun to RP with! I'm glad all of you are so IC and jovial, and I really appreciate it. I just want to post a disclaimer, I don't actually support all of this in RL :)

Maoa wrote:The slave population of Maoa is always maintained at a ratio of 10:1. So, because the natural born Maoan citizen numbers in at 1 Billion, Maoa currently owns approximately 1 Hundred Million Slaves.

It is impossible to keep a direct tally, as slaves are constantly dying or being replaced.

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