Region: Altay

The Democratic State of Calisto states

Cieszynski Slask wrote:Oh ok!
*Sends Henry Kowalski*
I sent some PNEUMO PLANETs with him!
*King Peter IIIrd comes into the embassy room in Laguna mound in a royal tuxedo holding a cappucino*
"I was gonna go here anyways,"
*Takes a sip from his coffee*
"to see Kowalski get launched to space."
*sees ambassador king*
*starts choking from the cappucino for a moment*
*puts his cappucino on the table*
King Peter:"What the.........."
*sits down*
King Peter:"Braun, what is this supposed to mean......."
Alien Ambassador King: Hi, mr. king?
*King Peter falls off his chair*

Doc Braun: Well for some reason I see that now
President: Damn, no little green men
Commander Drake: Hello King Peter. So everyone is here(not really)
*Doc Braun drinks tea*
President: Huh, we need a United Nations meeting