Region: Altay


The Democratic State of Calisto states

Cieszynski Slask wrote:Woo hoo!
Can you pls bring us some regolith, we wanna try to make biolith!
Will you use PNEUMO PLANETŪ greenhouses?
Because they're OP.

Also, I want to get a man from your country here on Mars;)
*Doc Wernher von Braun comes in to do a meeting*
Doc: Ok, I need to know if we can make the warp drive
*A NASA work comes in panicking*
Worker: Sir!!! There is intelligent life on MARS!!
*Doc sits down while drinking tea to relax*
Doc: How did you know?
Worker: Mariner 3 had seen a small ship just leaving and coming to Laguna Mound!!!
Doc: Houston, contact Laguna Mound that we have aliens coming
Capcom: LM, this is Houston here you have a small ship coming your way
LM: Copy that Houston
*Down a few mins later at Laguna Moundīs welcome(really not built yet) center, an alien that was a car?!
Alien: Hello people
Commander Drake: Hi there Martians
Alien: Iīm Ambassador King
Commander: Welcome to Laguna Mound Ambassador
*Both shake hands*
The President of Calisto asks the worldīs leaders to meet and make the world a bit more connected