Region: Altay

The Neo-Liberal Monarchy of Cieszynski Slask

Eastern Tatarstan wrote:There is one thing about which I talked to Yanab but he didn't mention it in his message. I understand that you RP and I have no problem with that but the official map isn't a RP map. Therefore I've proposed the idea to fully establish a RP with marked RMB posts and its own Discord channel. There you will be able to excercise your individual imperialistic desires and it will all be recorded on a RP map. The official map will be purged of all RP related changes (i.e. Cyprus will be split only between Austro danubia and Kosovo-cyprus).

I'll need Istria, Pag and an Area in Pomerania Between the cities of KoŁobrzeg and Koszalin.

Calisto states and Austro danubia