Region: Altay


The Neo-Liberal Monarchy of Cieszynski Slask

Yanab wrote:!! IMPORTANT INFO !!

The illogical territorial expansions on the regional map of Altay which occurred in the past days and weeks forced my hand to intervene. The map is there to represent all nations of Altay with their true territory. When Cidade capitalista do sul was created, it was ment to be located in Matto Groso do Sul in Brazil and it is located there on our regional map. When North Sachalin was created, it was ment to be located in Northern part of Sachalin island and it is present there on the map. When Yanab was created, it was ment to be located in parts of former South Yemen. And it is located there. I believe most of you created your nation with clear vision where it is located, which territories it posseses and what ethnic groups does it have. When you were asked where your nation is located, you told us your locations. I believe that everything you claimed afterwards like this Canada division nonsense is just an additional territory which was never ment to be owned by your nation when you created it. This map is just a map. It seems you think that by beeing small or landlocked, you are giving your self a disadvantage in comparison to other players so you are all trying to eat as much territory as possible. But this is not the case. IT IS JUST A MAP which should show everyone the location of your nation. Cidade capitalista do sul nor North Sachalin nor Eastern Tatarstan nor Tungustan nor Entimide never claimed any territory after they said where their nation is located because they all have a vision where their nation is supposed to be and what territories should belong to it. Please do the same. If you didn't create your nation with intention of having a chunk of Canada, do not claim it. This isn't a competition of "how fast can you eat the whole world". Now imagine some player created his nation in Canada and he calles it New Canada for example. Now he wants to join Altay and be on the map. But he can't because Canada is already claimed by frickin Danube and Crimea. Do you understand how hillarious this is? Please stop doing illogical claims which you never intended when you created the nation. I will create a role-play map game where you can have wars, expand, claim other territories etc. but do not do that on our regional map. Now, I urge you all to stop claiming nonsense territories just because you feel small, landlocked or because you just want to get bigger and "stronger".

- Yanab

But as we develop RP our ideals change......