Region: The Western Isles

The Commonwealth of Osemira

Dormill and Stiura wrote:That'd be the Democrats for you. At least 75% of them, the rest are the Progressives who had nowhere else better to attach themselves to before they could make their own true political party.

Based. The two-party system is a cancer upon the US; you are basically forced to choose between "Affirmative Action Centrism" and "Hate-Minorities-Love-the-Rich Centrism" (as the former Party of Lincoln has become), and pretty much every other political position, be it social democracy, libertarianism, political environmentalism, or even normal conservatism, are thrown under the bus. The culture of party polarization makes it even harder for voters to find representation, as the Democrats refuse to move away from Clinton-era Neoliberalism and the Republicans veer off into fashy territory.