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The Rogue Nation of Harkagrad

Chochika wrote:wait the embassy has a pasword then how did it get raided?

(This is a copy and paste, all credit of writing it goes to Sail Nation)

The Embassy was taken over through some questionable means. Some of you may have heard of the region known as Traveling Wilburys. For the past few months, this seemed like just a normal embassy collector region, like The Embassy, SECFanatics etc. But it wasn't. In fact it was founded by a raider, who made embassies with 1000s of regions, just to get in contact with The Ambassador's Reception (the main nation behind The Embassy, now CTE'd). They made a cover up story and was eventually able to get the trust of The Ambassador's Reception, asked for the password so that they could help maintain the region, and now had the means to raid the region. Seriously a bit much effort just to raid one region.

Never fully trust anyone here on NS.