Region: International Democratic Union

The Democratic Federation of Grosseschnauzer

Gardavasque wrote:Map update. Hey everyone, I started a new job last month and unfortunately was a little overwhelmed. I had to push the January Map Update to February. Please accept my apologies if you had been looking forward to those changes. The good news is I expect to work on it this Sunday and will update the map at that time. Feel free to TG me or message me on Discord if you have and questions, gripes, etc..

I have no idea what youíre going to do to with the revival of the schnauzerlands in the IDU. I have no idea how to translate where it would be located on the new maps as it was large enough to have areas that were in mountain zones to vast shorelines, River systems, island chains, plains , well you get the idea. I still have buried in my notebook the original design, and for the record most of the restored puppets are now political subdivisions of which Grosseschnauzer is the WA nation and most prominent. I have three puppets that are unrelated also restored in the IDU. I wouldnít know where to start with Amal request.