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The Confederation of American Liberty States

Anarccapitalism wrote:What is the most based country in the real world I would say Iceland they have epic gun and based capitalism and extremely based free market and super based low taxes or maybe itís Monaco where there is no taxes at all gun laws are reasonable and it has a pretty free market they are also the richest nation per capita

As messed up as the United States of America is, completely as a whole, I'd have to still say it's the best country overall. Though, it has absurdities like: a 21 year old drinking age, has been at war for the past two decades, arrests people for prostitution, and corrupt corporatist healthcare system; understand, appreciate, and protect the remaining liberty Americans do have. I'm a Canadian and would love to be able to carry a gun without a license to protect myself (or at the very least pepper spray) and have my local hospital (only one within an hour) get a doctor inside it from 10PM to 6AM plus have appointments where half the time they aren't at least 30mins late that had to be scheduled 5 days in advance.

We are very possibly seeing seeing the end of the Roman Republic unfolding right now, and the American Experiment seems to have almost finally failed, but somehow it still beats the competition overall for now.

p.s. chill out a bit with the "based"