Region: Loranian RP Region

The Republic of Loranian RP Region Founder

Participants, we have a few events that havenít been answered by the nations targeted.

Ts airstrip 1 wrote:IC: The Totalitarian Navy of TS Airstrip 1 enters Devionsan waters, in order to threaten the nation into avoiding wars with TS.


Ts airstrip 1 wrote:IC: The transfer has taken place north of New Guinea in international waters. The 2 boats were side-by-side, and an inflatable was lowered from the deck of the Sirian vessel. When the Sirian officials boarded the TS vessel, they were met by soldiers dragging the (seriously weakened) ambassador on the deck towards them. They then tossed him at the Sirian officials, despite the ambassador already being in a critical medical state. The Sirian officials then handed over the money, and then left the TS vessel with the almost-unconscious ambassador. Both vessels departed back to their home country.

In the Sirian vessels medical bay, they learned that the ambassador was given no food by TS, and what little water he received was unclean. It was also obvious that the ambassador was subject to a high amount of torture and interrogation by TS. The medics said he will live, but some parts of his body will never fully heal, due to the sheer level of torture he received. Because of this, TS has received condemning statements for their civil rights abuses, and many countries have turned hostile to it.