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The BurgSys Hypernationalist of Ordensstaat Burgundische

Philippine Red Sun wrote:[Warning] I am gonna say something uncomfortable for most people so skip it if you don't like the talk of cannibalism, and Abortion.... I am sorry if I ruined your day.....

*Me Casually preparing a transaction for your nation*
Hello good sir how much surplus of failed unborn fetuses do you have? It would just be a waste to throw them away. So to not waste God's great gifts, our nation is willing to make a trade from you. As you can see or hear from the diplomatic documents of your diplomat, we the Philippine Red Sunian's do not dissaprove of cannibalism.

Though we mandate it heavily, afterall we are not savages. Our nation's supply of unborn fetuses is getting low, we the Philippine Red Sunian's would like to order at least 10,000 unborn fetuses because the festival of Blood and honor is coming soon.

As we are afraid that we may be under supplied during the festival. And you may even think that 'why not use your own unborn fetuses from abortion? '...

Well the sad news it that we dissaprove of abortion even though we eat it weekly, which is ironically complicated. So in all in all we would like a trade from you guys, even at the minimum of 10,000 Unborn fetuses would be a great trade.

And what is for you in this trade you may ask? Well we can trade you Weapons, Medical Supplies, Mercinaries, Official Discounts from our companies, Discounted Oil, Gold, Diamond, Prisoners that can be use as slaves and so much more..... So do we have deal?

P. S. Even if the Unborn children have sideffects we would still like to buy them, we wont' give it to our citizens but instead to our prisoners so that we can limit the cost of Unborn fetuses. And so we can see what the side effects of your experiment if eaten looks like.

Very well mein fruend well send you the undesirable experiments to your country only if you would do the same for us, send us your healthiest citizens for experimentation.