Region: Anteria


The veritian empire

With most preparations ready for The Veritian Emperor for his visit to Nicersdah, he has signed an order stating that during his absence, The Prime Minister of Veritia, Daniel Danielivich Deroiov, will become the temporary leader of The Veritian Empire.
This comes as a surprise due to the fact that it is a Veritian Tradition that Veritian Emperors make their oldest child, if they are over the age of seventeen, temporary leader of Veritia while The Emperor is away or cannot rule due to medical reasons. The oldest son of the Veritian Emperor, Erwin Jaimovich Restez, who is eighteen years old, has taken to the media to critisise his father for this decision and calling Daniel Deroiov 'untrustworthy'. In response to this, The Veritian Emperor gave a quick statement while being interviewed by The Veritian Media:
"Erwin simply isn't yet ready to rule Veritia, he is still a kid. I understand that he is over seventeen and that it is a Varitian tradition to give the oldest child the power, but I cannot allow for an unprepared eighteen year old to take care of the Empire. Erwin is a very educated and bright boy, but his training concerning politics and leadership is not yet complete. Daniel Deroiov is a great man who I very much trust as I have known him even before Daniel was born. Veritia is in great hands. Once I return from Nicersdah, I will have a personal discussion with Daniel. I understand his concerns, but I also can't give Veritia to an eighteen year old."
We shall see how this situation develops.