Region: Anteria


The Keystone Nation of Ruoku Huru

The diplomatic meeting between Flashboom and Ruoku Huru
Flashboom: We will discuss trade first.
Ruoku Huru: Agreed.
Flashboom: Flashboom would like offer 50 Dragon racers, our top fighter jets, For 4.4 billion metalface.
Ruoku Huru: Deal, and I propose 100 Bloody Marys, the worlds only Militia yacht, for 3.8 billion dragon balls.
Flashboom: Deal, and we will sell a variety of material, and an advisor will be sent over for 500k metalface.
Ruoku Huru: Agreed, and we will send you 10 slothskin, worth 10 million meta currency (any currency).
Flashboom: Deal, and we will give a dragontail, worth 5 million dollars, and liquidized gold worth the same, as well as millitary assistance.
Ruoku Huru: I'll take it, match your military offer, and give you a statue and an embassy.
Flashboom: Matched.
Ruoku Huru: Does that conclude the trading segment?
Flashboom: I have no other proposals.
Ruoku Huru: Into the tax rates.
Flashboom: 20% on vehicles, 10% on material.
Ruoku Huru: Accepted, 20% on material, 5% on electrical vehicle, 15% on gasoline vehicle.
Flashboom: Accepted. I have one more offer. A piece of your land, for a colony island.
Ruoku Huru: You may take one of the peninsula, and it is accepted.

We end this prosperous encounter with a huge transaction, and both parties walked out pleased.