Region: Anteria


The National Socialist Empire of Hadian

Latvia and Saaremaa wrote:Official statement of the government of Latvia and Saaremaa.

I do not recognise Hadian as a official nation because they commit atrocities against their own people and their emperor is a incompetent and cruel megalomaniac.

Hadian Imperial Advisor of Internal Affairs

We could honestly careless of what other nations, territories and tribes think of our glorious Empire. We do what is must in order to protect our superior race. We see that man should be just as cruel as Nature is. On that principle the weak have no rights over the strong. Say? Would you allow the sick to continue to leech from your society draining your resources or would you destroy the parasites to allow the fruitation of your folk? The question is an easy answer for us Hadians.

You speak of atrocities without evidence or consideration as to why. Foolish are those that keep the sick and weak amongst their members of society and allow the slow decay of their culture due to these subhumans. Nations, territories and tribes like yours will always reap what they sow.

Hail Hadian, Hail God-Emperor Jon!