Region: Anteria

The Free Land of Latvia and Saaremaa

The Krenya wrote:Krenyan Military Modernisation plan

The Royal government of Krenya has decided to implement Article 45 which states the need for modernizing the outdated krenyan weaponry and training the military personnel for special operations and close combat

As a part of the Krenyan modernisation plan. The Krenyan Air Forces have already purchased 175 new multi-Role Fighter-Bombers from Zhou-air

The Krenyan Air Forces as per the direct of the Duke Have also decided to scrap the now totally obsolete 225 of its AN-74's out of which 5 will be shown in the krenyan military mueseum in Erfut and the rest will be disassembled as of February.

The Krenyan Air Forces also state their plan to include several more fixed blade aircrafts into their arsenal with some drones to make the airforce capable of taking down any target it is assigned to terminate.

Could I buy 200 of your an-74s please?
I will pay you 300 million lats for those planes if you haven't scrapped them already