Region: Anteria

The Republic of Nicersdah

A Day in the Life with Nicersdah

Jamen Sargolgov (21 year old man, owns small logging company with his dad n the town of Gargaua) (Disclaimer, i am not a logger so i try to be realistic but i donít really know how exactly it works)

Hey! Itís 4:45, and I just woke up. Iím going to go rinse off in the lake, and get back to chopping some trees. I grab my axe we saved up to buy. I am so glad we can go to the market now without 30 soldiers watching us.

Itís about 9 oíclock now. Dad woke up , and i hand him the 10 logs i got and fixed today, and he puts them in his beaten truck to take to the market. He does the business, i do the hard-labor. The money we make with the trees Dadíll use to buy us lunch and dinner, as well as a bit of new clothes, since my little brother Fargel has outgrew his old ones. I swear to the Council, if he keeps growing weíll go bankrupt.

Dad got back at around 11:30. In the meantime i was thinking about how many other loggers that there are and how fortunate we were that our trees were the best in the area. I donít know if we could survive if not. Might give me reason to toss Fargel out the window. When he got back, he gave us our lunches and gave Fargel his shirt. At dinner Mom was talking about how on the newspaper it says that Benatrov Logging is coming to town, and she wonders how weíll ever be able to compete against the company led by the Head Minister, since the Gods picked him as the Head Minister. Dad replied by saying that weíll just have to keep going, as long as we can keep selling our trees and people still buy them for their quality, weíll keep afloat.

At 2 oíclock, we headed to pray at the Gargaua Bavelar. It is the most fantastical building Iíve ever seen with the ginormous triangle structure, coated with red paint with actual painting of its walls. Thank the Gods the building was roped with the Presidentís downfall. I twitched, as i am still not used to not praising the President daily, but I told myself once again that itís fine. Once we got our prayers done with, we headed back home for dinner.

Iím at dinner now. Itís 6:22 and this deer is great. Fargel asked what was on my mind, ďGods Dad how did you afford this?Ē Dad then smiled and said ďOur neighbor Tracena, remember her? A half mile that way? She gave me it for free! Wasnít it nice of her?Ē It was, Mom decided. It was then that i heard that we got a letter. I got it and it seemed fancy. And it was for me. I opened it up, and it was a job offer at Benatrov Logging, with a salary of $22 per hour as a logger. For a split second I was ecstatic, but then I realized that I couldnít take it. I had to cut trees here to look after Dad, Mom, and Fargel. I got back to the dinner table and decided not to mention the letter to the rest.

Itís 8. After I finished wiping down the dishes, Dad congratulated me on my work today and told me to get some sleep because weíre waking up at 4 tomorrow to work together as we need more in stock to fill up Busy Wednesday. I agreed and headed off to bed. A dayís work.

Expect Part 2 tomorrow with Gander Sildamedro, Corinamaxi business man

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