Region: Anteria


The Republic of Nicersdah

Independent Nicersdahn Press


4:10am 12/22/20 NST

The NNF has armed and riots are breaking out nationwide as tensions seriously escalated over the past several hours. Allow me to give you a timeline of events since 2am.

2:27: the President is woken up and quickly briefed on the situation.

2:31 approximately: the NNF arm themselves and in the suburbs of the capital light the numerous national flags aflame.

2:40: the President is finished with his briefing and orders the bombing of the rebels

2:42: A rebel council is organized and escorted around the block and city barricades to safety, gun fights between law enforcement and rioters occur

2:47: The NNFC (NNF Council) is safely escorted out of the city.

2:49: Fatalities hit 100 with the unarmed fatality numbers at approximately 21, about 15 of which were loyal citizens, the other 6 unarmed rioters.

2:51: A statue of the first President and their God are torn down by rioters

2:54: The blocks with the highest numbers of rioters are bombed and the military arrives. The Corinanox Massacre begins.

3:08: Fatalities reach 1,000 with rioters making up 724 of them, Soldiers 181, and unarmed civilians 95

3:24 The massacre is complete, with the rioters successfully either killed or routed from the city. The NNFC conveins on steps to take.

3:42 News of the massacre reaches the general populace around the country and hundreds of thousands take up arms, the NNFC decides on a unanimous 11-0 vote, their goal is to overthrow the president now that they've seen a better way.

3:56: NNFM (NNF Militia) men surround a dispatch of Loyalist soldiers, they kill most and in rage for the massacre torture and flay the rest as revenge.

4:03: The President declares martial law. The Nicersdahn Civil War begins.