Region: Anteria

The Rénmín Gònghéguó of Zhengan

Nicersdah wrote:I newly came here to roleplay and am trying to learn the proper way to do so here, but i was just wanting to know seeing this if this place is hostile to newer players

You are quite welcome here. This region is for one and all and I'm sorry if some people gave you a wrong first impression; they should know better.

If anyone here has a problem with anyone, then please let a member of the Directorate know. If someone is ignoring RP rules let New Sebronia know. If someone is breaking region rules let The Byrdlands know.

Nobody here should take it upon themselves to police or put down members. You can politely remind but if I see any more of this put down behavior or members, who are newbies themselves, try to put down the contributions of other newbies we will have a problem.

Remember that consent and fairplay are the cornerstones of our region.