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The Demokratische Republik of Junterland

Junterland News

Revised Kistolia Tariff Bill Vote
Today, Congress has voted on the revised Kistolia Tariff Bill, which would raise tariffs on the nation of Kistolia if passed. The final vote was almost unanimously in favor of the bill, meaning it has passed, increasing tariffs on Kistolia.

Congressional Shenanigans
The vote on the tariff bill is not the only news coming from Congress today. The congressman that discovered the rider on the original tariff bill, Paul Oppelt of East Langesland, was hit on the head by Artur Heldt of Bakterland, using his cane for the deed. After this event, there have been calls from the Liberale Partei and Demokratische Partei to charge Congressman Heldt with assault, while the Konservative Partei seiner Heiligkeit have pushed the claim that Congressman Heldt was actually defending himself from Congressman Oppelt, despite no evidence backing it up. When asked about the whole situation, Congressman Oppelt said, "In the end, no one was harmed, and it was nothing more than a silly shenanigan that was meant to show one's discontent with another's actions. In all honesty, I believe the leaderships of the parties are blowing this event out of proportion."