Region: Anteria

The Democratic States of Kistolia

The Constitution of the Democratic Semi-Socialist States of Kistolia

All current and future leaders of the DSSSK will follow the following rules:

Clause 1
Kistolia will give these basic rights to its citizens:

  1. The Freedom of Speech

  2. The Freedom of Religion

  3. The Freedom of the Press

  4. The Freedom to Peaceful Protesting

Clause 2
Kistolia's flag will change with the corresponding party who holds the majority in both the:

  1. The Parliament

  2. Ministership

If they are split between parties the Kistolian citizenry will vote on which of the two parties will hold the flag.

Clause 3
Kistolia will give majority to anyone above the age of 17 and will give these rights:

  1. The right to vote

  2. The right to get married

  3. The right to drink any type of alcohol

  4. The right to smoke a cigar, cigarette, and marijuana

Clause 4
Kistolia will prosecute anyone who ends the life of another person or steals something of value from another person.

Clause 5
Kistolia's electoral system will work as follows

  1. Parties will nominate 3 people for the primaries

  2. Citizens will vote on the best candidate for each party

  3. Citizens will vote for 1-3 candidates on election day

  4. The Kistolian Government will count the votes and announce the winner when done

Clause 6
Any constitutional clause cannot be fully removed, it can only be repealed via a new clause.

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