Region: Anteria


The 2nd Tsardom of Tiskaiya

Tiskaiya announces it's intent to join the Sekidean Union

In an announcement today from Prime Minister Kuzmanovich, the Natsional'nyy Parlament has voted to make it's first attempt at joining the Union.

This comes a week after the initial clash with Krenya, as both nations seek to join the Union, it is believed that this can finally bring peace to the normally volatile southern border.

This vote was unanimously accepted in the Upper Chamber and accepted in the Lower Chamber with a 292-28 vote.

With such a move Tiskaiya will be joining it's historic ally Bretislavia, whom the nation has had a defensive pact with since 1880.

The nation waits anxiously on the Union's answer which may stabilize the Tiskai-Krenyan border for good.