Region: Anteria




As of 1400 GMT, yesterday December 18th, 2020. The Federation of Praxidike has elected their new head of state. Dante Meng will replace Friedrich Scooner, as Chancellor of the Federation. Scooner’s term as Chancellor has been marked with apathy towards the people of the Federation and lazy diplomacy towards fellow nations. Following the 3-points scandal last year, Scooner’s popularity significantly decreased. However, the Directory and the Senate decided against processing him for impeachment due to his term’s proximity to its end. In a victory speech last night, Chancellor-elect Meng made this statement: “This is the beginning of a new age! An age of prosperity in this great Federation! We look to undo past mistakes and forge new relationships. I am working now to communicate with other nations within the region to re-establish our former foreign relations. On the home front, I will focus on rebuilding the destroyed middle class and reinstate the strength of the people in this DEMOCRATIC FEDERATION!”.

Chancellor-elect Meng is expected to take office within the month.

This concludes this special bulletin.