Region: Anteria

The Free Land of Latvia and Saaremaa

The veritian empire wrote:Unfortunately, the secretary of home defense of the Veritian Empire, Mikae Polensto has now been taken into an intensive care unit at Lakeside hospital. His condition has been getting worse and worse over the past days, to the point where he couldn't even get out of his bed. He is infected with influenza, a highly contagious disease and is sometimes referred to as the 'flu'. The fact that he is 78 years old puts him at an immense risk. The best doctors in the country have been called to come to the hospital and treat Mikae. His health should hopefully improve in the coming days, but until then, the Supreme Commander of the armed forces, Restez Gabaler will take over Mikae's post until further notice.

I have received the news of his passing 9 months after he caught it