Region: The Embassy

The ambassadors reception

Reading and thinking through this:

Xyanth wrote:Posted on the Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region RMB:
You made a few mistakes here. Let me help you see the error of your ways.

—We do not conduct these kinds of negotiations in public. But, since you forced the matter...
—We do not allow others to define "hate" for us.
—We do not participate in Jihads, either Islamic or those held in the name of social outrage.

OK, that's fine. We all need to make our own decisions.

Xyanth wrote:

—A review of several days worth of Genua's RMB did not produce one word against Jews or Israel.

I can believe that. However, their nazi named nations, and Nazi imagery are inherently anti-semitic due to the events of the 1930s and 40s. A picture paints a thousand words - and these words are painted against Jews.

Xyanth wrote:

—Having an embassy with another nation is not an endorsement of that nation's policies. (IE: We have an embassy with your region.)

I agree entirely with that.

Xyanth wrote:

—Painting this peaceful, but remarkably well armed region with your libelous assumptions regarding our reasons for establishing and maintaining an embassy borders on an act of war.

Sorry, I'm confused at this point. I don't believe I made any assumptions about your region, or your reasons for having embassies.

Xyanth wrote:

—You hold the mistaken impression this region subscribes to some mythical standard of community behaviour..
—Other than your lack of approval, you demonstrated absolutely no harm on your yourself or anyone else from these nations playing out their own scenarios in their own region.

The dispatch I linked in the original post demonstrates that harm was indeed done to a long list of external regions, including many Islamic ones.
Harm is also done by promoting propaganda that it is acceptable to demonise Muslims and other groups.

Xyanth wrote:There is an old saying. They say it goes back to the days of the ancient armies of the Egyptian Pharaohs. While tweaked here and there over the centuries it boils down to "Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer."

This region declines the favor you ask at this time. All said and done this is probably best for your region. Owing Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region a favor is a great deal like owing a Mafia crime family a favor. Someday we will call that favor in. When we call that favor it in, no matter what it is we ask in return, you must do it.

This region rarely advises another region in their policies. In this case, we will make an exception and offer you this one small piece of advice: Beware of the karmic load you build up. Eventually the weight of that load will bring that karma down around your ears.

Thanks for that advice. Karma is exactly what I'm bothered about. I feel that not speaking out against islamophobia and anti-semitism would give me bad Karma.
And in the future, who will speak out for me, if I am not willing to speak out for others?

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