Region: The Embassy

The ambassadors reception

Sierra Grand wrote:Anti-fascists of the world.
We need help.
The region of Amalgamated Federation is at war with Genua.
This is a region of hate and bigotry.
All those who are willing to help.
TG me or Neue deutsche Kaukasier

You'll need to get a little creative with that. War is pretty hard to do in NS.
Read this , and think about your own position. Would you be safer with a non-executive delegate? You could then remove the password. And you wouldn't need to worry about how many endorsements your delegate had.
After sorting out your defences, you need to think about how you can attack.
Genua have a non-executive delegate, so there's a limit to the amount of direct damage you can do.
I'd recommend speaking to people like The MT Army, or The Red Fleet, who may be able to help.

The Gold Mines and Colin advance wars