Region: The Embassy


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The Fallen nation of Greater Thistand

The ambassadors reception wrote:You have to wonder...
As a rule of thumb, if a post is written by Colin, you can safely skip over it.
Sorry Colin, but true.
Yeah, exactly that. I think the requirements were lowered to 15, but we're still nowhere close.

It's true. Well, unless it's me (The Age of Utopia), then I have to ruin his day.

Colin advance wars wrote:n0t EveRYthING, I still have my cat.

TheN AgAIn IT HAtES me, BUt SomEtHing Is s0meTHing AM i riGHT?

alSO, I'm bored right now.

SO If u WIlL ExCUsE mE, I need to cry for hours.

See ya!

Cats have servants. It hates you, but it puts up with you because it considers you a slave. Ever wonder why cats scratch you? They are punishing you.

The Gold Mines and Colin advance wars