Region: Nghymruian Lands


via Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

The Allied Conglomerates of The Yeetusa

Greetings to the Nghymruian Lands,

We would be honored if up to 2 nations from your region would like to participate in an inter-regional debate, which will be held on the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators' Discord server. This event is endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The debate is planned to take place on the September the 23rd at 5:30pm - 7pm UTC. The debate will be on Democracy in NationStates. The debate will consist of several questions about the topic raised by the host to be answered/discussed by the participants. Additionally, the participants will be able to ask each other questions in the debate. The host will be accepting questions from the audience, to be discussed in the debate. (The debate will be held "In-Character", and discord rules will still apply)

If you would like to participate in the debate, watch live, or have any questions please telegram The Yeetusa.


Lt. Gen. Viktor McRain
Director of the Department of Arts and Communications
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
Hail the Confederation!