Region: Middle East


Dear leaders of Saint Telos(in Aridiya),Aridiya,and Aghaba March 29,2011
I would like to invite you all to a feast of honor,and to discuss the current situation in the Middle East.Specifically I would like to speak to the president of Saint Telos,currently in Aridiya,to discuss the so-called Talban Purchase.Israel-Syria would be delighted to buy the Talban peninsula,and because it would free you of the terrorists living in that land.We will buy the land for 10 billion shekels(5.5 billion Laris).Also,we will begin building nuclear assets today.It has been discovered that Saddam Bin Dada is either living in the Numarah Desert(southern Israel-Syria),Saint Telos,Or in Gaddafi Libya.The U.I.B has recently hijacked a plane,landed in Gaddafi Libya,and threatened the passengers.There are 12 Aridiyans,36 Saint Telosians,5 Aghabians,and 58 Israel-Syrians.The feast will take place on March 29,and all religious needs will be taken care of.The feast will be in the Numarah Synagogue(Most people in Israel-Syria are Jews,and so is the president,but there are Islamic and Christian parts of the building,it's just that everybody calls it a synagogue.)Please contact me about the feast and such.

Sincerely,The new president of Israel-Syria,Joshua Weinstein