Region: Middle East


Update: SU-35s belonging to the Aghaban Air Corps have been seen flying random patrols within Saint Telosian air space - After a quick and efficient evacuation of Aghaban nationals from Saint Telos, elements of the 5th Airborne Infantry Battalion are being redeployed to assist Ardiyan Paratroopers in the East of the country - Aghaban head of state, Marshall Baba issued this statement: "Aghaba will not sit on the sidelines while threats from petty militant organizations and cowardly terrorist attacks target our allies. It is our duty as a nation to stand by our regional partners in the face of such provocative actions. Make no mistake, if the the United Islamic Brotherhood does not lay down it's arms and cease this outrage, it will be our nation's armed forces' pleasure to ensure every last member of the U.I.B. meets a swift end. It is also our wish to see an end to hostilities in Saint Telos, and for Hamida Osmanovitch to assume full responsibility for the actions of his regime. Aghaban military personnel will remain in Saint Telos until the current situation has been put under control." - Security measures across Aghaba are being greatly stepped up in an effort to prevent any possible attacks from the U.I.B.