Region: Middle East


BREAKING NEW:Only 16 days after being elected,the new Israeli-Syrian president,Moses Itzaak Shma,has been assassinated by U.I.B members.The assassination was planned by Saddam Bin Dada,who is now the 1st most wanted in Israel-Syria.He released another message saying that there are at least 10000 U.I.B members in Aridiya alone.This is the description of Saddam Bin Dada:185 pounds,black hair and mustache,brown eyes,and is 6 feet 4 inches.In other news,I.S.P.A has discovered that the main cooperator with U.I.B is Gaddafi Libya.They have given at least one billion dollars to U.I.B,and they have even fought along side U.I.B in a recent fight.Meanwhile,in Saint Telos,the Israeli-Syrian Soldiers have liberated at least 11 cities.The new president,Joshua Weinstein,has announced that in order to keep peace,a new military unit will be produced,called the I.S.P.F(Israeli-Syrian Peacekeeping Force).Nuclear studies will have much more government funding,in order to get cheaper energy.