Region: Middle East


In several Israel-Syrian cities,a A.S.D.A.D.M.s(Air Strike Detect And Destroy Machine)have been installed,in retaliation for several attacks.The I.S.P.A.(Israeli-Syrian Protection Agency) has found that the region of Nazi Germany has co-operated with the terrorists.The leader of U.I.B,Saddam Bin Dada,has threatened Saint Telos with increased force and -gulp- NUCLEAR WEAPONS.He Threatened Aridiya by saying "ونحن سوف الجنيه عظامك لغبار بعد حرق مدنكم مثير للشفقة.".This has been decoded,and he said "We will pound your bones to dust after burning your pathetic cities.".The new Israeli-Syrian President has asked for Aridiya to allow Israel-Syria to send several spies to learn more about the terrorists.Please respond.