Region: Middle East


Additional Peacekeepers Deploy. The Second and Third Aridiyan Parachute battalions have dropped in to the coastal town of Port Mehmet in Saint Telos. An amphibious task force has departed the port of Corcyra for Saint Telos. The Seventh Armored Cavalry Bridage is rumored to be embarked. Aridiyan Mirage fighters are establishing a 'No Fly' zone over Port Mehmet. In a stunning development, over sixty jeeps of the Federal Border Patrol have simply driven to the 800 peacekeepers of the First Parachtue battalion in eastern Saint Telos. Deploying in small groups of two to four jeeps, using commercial credit cards to buy fuel, the 150 plus Border Patrolmen have supplimented the 'lost battalion' with over 30 jeep mounted, TOW anti-tank missile launchers. Unidentified cargo aircraft(possibly C-17s) have dropped several 120mm mortars, ammunition, food and supplies to the cut-off troops.