Region: Middle East


BREAKING NEWS:About 100 citizens have been killed by a terrorist group known as the U.I.B(United Islamic Brotherhood).The Israel-Syria Public Relations building has
been captured,and 6 Aridyian,17 Saint Telosian,36 Israel-Syrian officials have been taken captive.The leader of U.I.B,Saddam Bin Dada,has said that unless Israel-Syria withdraws from the conflict,he will kill the officials.The U.I.B is using arms made in several surviving -shudder- NAZI nations,so they are probably funded by several of them.They are also probably funded by the enemies of Saint Telos.The President has urged the nations of Middle East (not Saint Telos,he's in too much trouble.)to send soldiers to help catch the terrorists.In other news,the president has written this note to Aridiya,Qatarab,and other nations,"The Middle East is never going to be perfect.That does not mean that we should not help our fellow nations.Please help Israel-Syria fund money for rebuilding Saint Telos,starting by providing building materials,workers,and money to rebuild Talban.".And to Saint Telos,"Israel-Syria will always be your ally,and for your president,you are always welcome to stay here,in our safe nation.".